Areas of Development

When children are learning through play, they are developing areas of learning. To the untrained eye children at play may just look like they are not doing much, on the contrary they are exploring with their senses, building on skills and making new neurological pathways in their small, but ever so sponge like brains.

Throughout the blog, I will make references to the areas of development that are referred to by the Statutory Framework of Great Britain, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) By law the framework is followed throughout Great Britain in childcare settings, with children aged 0-5 years of age.

Toward the end of each post I will evaluate which areas have been developed and an example given as to what skill may have been learnt. Below is a list of the Areas of Learning as provided by the EYFS:

  • Communication and language-Speaking and listening
  • Physical development- Fine and large manipulative skills, coordination, healthy food choices
  • Personal, social and emotional- Making relationships, social skills, feelings and self help
  • Literacy- Linking sounds to letters, learning how to read and write
  • Mathematics- Shapes, space, measurement, number counting and recognition
  • Understanding of the world- Technology, learning about their community and the world around them
  • Expressive arts and design- Dancing, creating and role play.

Within the next few months I will be learning about the Californian state standards and hope to share this with you in the near future.

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