Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leaf play

Sometimes an activity does not need to be planned or materials bought. Yesterday Isabella had the most fun just playing in a pile of leaves. Something so simple and natural kept my daughter entertained for the whole morning.
This is not a first for her. When she was just one year old, she enjoyed this activity. You cannot beat playing in nature.                
Who can play?
Children aged one year plus

What did we do?
This activity was completely child led. Isabella created the activity and initiated her own learning. As you can see from the pictures, she was totally involved in her play. She displayed so many physical skills when throwing the leaves up into the air, running after them and chasing them in the wind.

Once she was done with running after the leaves she asked me if she could sweep them up... who was I to say no?!                                           
Isabella even did her bit for the community and said "I'm going to sweep the street, it looks dirty" and began to sweep the path.
Isabella then introduced her bike to the play, and began to scoop up the leaves with a brush and shovel. She would then tip them into the basket at the back of the bike. 
Isabella then rode her bike to the paper bag at the top of the driveway. She was really pleased with herself when she poured the leaves into the bag (with a little assistance from me) and set off to clear the rest of the drive.
One happy child, one clean driveway and one fun morning.

What did we learn?
Personal, social and emotional development: Developing self esteem, independence and pride when achieving what she had set out to do. Helping out within her local community, when clearing the leaves from the pathway.
Knowledge and understanding of the world: Learning about the environment around us and weather conditions. When cleaning the pathway she was also learning about her community.
Creative development: Responding to experiences with regards to what she sees, feels and touches.
Physical Development: Operating a pedal bike, using both upper and lower arm muscles when throwing and picking up the leaves and using the brush and shovel.
Mathematical development: Counting the leaves and learning about capacity when filling up the basket on the bike and bag.
Communication, language and literacy: Talking about what she is doing and asking for items that she needs in her play.

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