Sunday, March 2, 2014

Online Chinese New Year Resources

I try to incorporate Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) into Bee's day and today it came in the form of a sequence game on the website,

Firstly, we watched the dancing dragon video, which can be found on: 
We made our own dragon dance to the Chinese New Year music (by putting a blanket over our head whilst walking and dancing underneath it) Bee found this hilarious and after dancing for around 10 minutes, I decided it was time to play a maths game, before I passed out.

We then played The Dragon maths game that can be found on:
The object of the game was to order the dragons body parts according to the numerical order. I chose the numbers 1-10 for Bee, but this all depends on the age and stage of your child's development. It was easy to follow and encouraged her to recognise, organise numbers and count.
The website says that the game can also be played on the whiteboard (great for pre-schools/schools)

We really enjoyed exploring this site and would definitely use it again.

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