Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perfect Pancake Mix

Happy Pancake Day!

Struggling for ideas for dinner? Look no further. Pancakes are a great addition to a meal or teamed with fruit and yoghurt for desert. 

I have so many nice memories of Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday. As a child growing up I would devour my mums home made pancakes with a bit of sugar and lemon squeezed ontop and I remember the fun of flipping the pancakes, sometimes they would land in the pan and other times on the floor.

The ingredients are probably already in your cupboard and your children will love the hands on experience of making the batter, watching it cook and attempting to flip the pancake onto the other side. Depending on your child's age and stage of development, they could help in the cooking part. Younger children could always help combine ingredients and toss the pancake in a cool pan.

Ingredients to make 10 Pancakes.
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1.5 cups of milk (you may need to add more depending on the consistsancy of the batter.
Coconut oil for frying
You will also need a small frying pan, whisk, measuring cups, bowl and spoon.

Make a small well in the centre of the flour and gradually add the eggs and milk until you reach a smooth batter consistency. It needs to be not too thick and not too runny. Add more milk at this point if it's thick.

Coat a small pan in a little coconut oil and pour approximately 2Tbsp batter into the hot oil. Swirl the batter in the pan, to create the pancake shape. Cook until the pancakes begin the lift away from the side and you see small bubbles popping at the surface. 

Once it is golden brown, practice your flipping skills and try to flip the pancake onto the other side and finish cooking.

Serve with a wedge of lemon or fresh fruit... If it manages to get to the plate :-)

Possible Learning Outcomes:
Mathematical- Measuring and counting ingredients that are needed. 
Communication and Language-Listenibg to instructions and following them. Talking about what changes they can see.
Personal, Social and Emotional- Pride from finished product. Helping make food  for their family. Fun and enjoyment. 
Knowledge of the World- Learning about Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday. Scientific skills such as change of state.
Literacy- Reading the ingredients list.
Physical- Fine and Large manipulative skills will be promoted as children use a spoon to mix the ingredients together. 


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